Sunday, February 27, 2011

$4 rug purse tutorial!

this is my $4 rug purse!  it turned out better than i thought it would!  i think its super cute!
first find a rug.  i got mine at IKEA for only $4!  then cut it down the middle lengthwise
 then you will set one of the halves aside to use later.  one of the halves will be your purse
the other halve will be your strap.  sew the unfinished seams to prevent fraying.
i only used 2/3 of it. sew your strap using a zigzag stitch onto purse before you sew the purse together.
it will be easier to not accidentally get any other unwanted fabric sewed.
then you can sew your purse together using a zigzag stitch.  
i stitched it over a couple of times to reinforce it.
i folded it 2/3 way up so that most of the purse would be the bag 
and that the other 1/3 would be the flap.
i cut circles for the flowers and then i gathered it up so that the right side is on the inside
and the middle of the circle is making a point.  then you hot glue the point of the circle and press it onto the purse.  do the same thing with all of the layers.  to make the leaves i cut out leaf shapes with scissors and glued the base under the flower.  then i put a dot of glue and slid the fabric into it a couple of times.
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  1. Great makeover! Never gave this any thought - thanks for sharing!