Sunday, February 27, 2011

$5 shoes redo tutorial

 I've had these shoes for a while and i never knew what to do with them.  
i pretty much only bought them because they were $5.  
so one day i thought about adding fabric to them.  
i think they turned out really well!  
the flowers were a last minute thought and i think they look really cute.  
I'm excited to wear them!
 the very first thing i did was make make a template of the section that i wanted.  
i traced it onto paper and cut it out.

after i had my templates i pinned them onto fabric and cut them out. then i hot glued the fabric onto my shoe

to make the flowers i cut out circles...

then i gathered the fabric so that the right side was facing inward.
and the center of the circle was coming to a point.
then i hot glued the point and pressed it onto the shoe.  
then i hot glued plastic pearls to the center of each flower

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