Tuesday, May 17, 2011

summer sandal refashion-tribal chic

these are my new summer sandals!!!  i am so excited about them!  i got them at walmart last season for $3...i bought every color they had! haha.  i eventually got bored of how plain they were so i decided to dress them up a bit.  they were really easy to make and everything i needed to make them i already had in my craft stash!  i LOVE free crafts! i also am really loving picnik right now.  just in case you arent familiar with it, its a free site where you can touch up photos and make collages!  i made the picture up above which by the way took me like 3 minutes and i also made my new header!

  1. first i found an old sandal that needs some lovin!  i chose my yellow ones
  2. then i spray painted them all white.  i stuffed some paper where i didnt want white...i didnt do a good enough job though cause you can still see white.  haha oh well you cant see it when im wearing them!  then i cut off excess straps that i didnt want.
  3. i cut strips large enough to cover the small straps and i hot glued them on.
  4. then i cut out eight circles of the green fabric and i cut slits into them.  after i cut them i burned the edges with a lighter...the slits helped it to look more like a flower and less like a plain circle.  i hot glued the flowers onto the middle of the sandal and put pearls in the middle of the flowers (also with hot glue).
  5. lastly i cut and glued tan circles and put a single pearl in the middle, i also hot glues the feathers on and threaded the ribbon for the ankle ties.
that is all you do!  it is sooo easy and i think they look store bought!  thanks for stopping by!


  1. hey madison!! thanks so much for the comment on my page... you're so sweet and i absolutely love your blog! i'm literally obsessed with this shoe idea, so cute..haha i'm totally going to do it soon :) keep in touch!

  2. what an interesting idea ... shoe redo! :)

  3. oh my heck girl these are adorable and sooo stinkin fun! I pinned these. Thank you for sharing. I am visiting from the trendy treehouse linky party. Come and say hi. I am doing a really fun giveaway next week too :)

    A mommy's life...With a touch of YELLOW

  4. Looks so fun! And so many possibilities for color!

    I saw your comment (and replied) on My Frugal Family, but thought I would go ahead and comment back here as well.

    I do occasionally do guest posts. That's where a blogger from another blog posts something (a tutorial works great) to my blog with LOTS of link backs to their own blog.

    To do that, you need to use your blog to write the post up, but keep it hidden instead of posting it. You then just copy & paste the HTML code in a word document, send it to me via email, and I post it for you on a set day.

    If that sounds good to you, let me know! I would love to feature you!

  5. I have three pairs of these sandals too and am planning on restyling them too. Thanks for the inspiration!